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A Carbeth Eco POD is a product that intelligently makes use of available renewable resources to allow accelerated food growth in any and all environments.


Project Info

Short Summary

As an answer to more sustainable and efficient methods of food production, our pods use digital precision methods to grow food all year round.


Pods are configured either as a circle, a cube or a flexible unit for high wind areas. They will be constructed with a variety of materials to suit the climate and will either be white, black or clear depending on design to suit location and plants to be grown. The Pods are easy to construct and maintain.


Making use of best renewable technology to provide collection and storage of power, using bio-mimicry methods to convert much of what nature gives us for free food product can become much more passive in its energy consumption.


The pod units are closed loop systems which means water is captured and stored to a maximum level. The water is used as a method of controlling temperature within the unit.


Using a variety of re-usable substrate that is fertilised by Aquaponic methods as well as organic process.


The pods are able to digitally monitor the levels of water, pH, nutrient and energy levels to maximise growing conditions.

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