Over the last 50 years there have been many videos, movies and documentaries produced about the Findhorn Foundation but time and time again these have been made by ill informed TV documentary makers who are seeking to present ‘their personal opinion’ of our community and so many times this is quite different from how ‘we’ see our community

With your help we’d like to change that by producing our own movie that truly presents the Foundation through the eyes and the stories of the people who spent many years helping to build our community .

Now it is we who are interviewing the people who were there, we who are shooting the footage and we who are recording the stories of the Foundation not only as it really was but as is today.

“This is our Foundation and we want to show what it’s really like to live, love, work and play in this tiny but beautiful community that from this special location in Scotland is seeking to make the world a better place for all” says producer Maria Craig. “In the past it was wide eyed young people eager to communicate with nature at a very ‘grass roots’ level. Today it may be lawyers, postmen, doctors, teachers or heads of blue chip corporations who spend a week or two here and although the names and the job titles may have changed, the wide eyed look stays the same”.